Misdiagnosis Vs Missed Diagnosis

Lower Back Pain is a complex musculo-skeletal disorder. Slip Disc is just a myth, as a single cause behind lower back pain. Over weight is add on for the causes of pain.

During the diagnosis of lower back pain, usually doctor miss the Sacro-Iliac Joint dysfunction which  which arises due to altered hip-knee muscle functioning and postural abnormality.

That is the reason the basic back muscle strengthening does not help your back pain and further it can lead to slip disc, spondylolisthesis, ankylosing spondylitis and other spinal problems.

5 main precaution for back pain:

  • Bend forward from hip level.
  • Maintain spine curvature while bending.
  • Bend knee slightly while lifting heavy weight.
  • Maintain Core muscle strength
  • Maintain knee muscle flexibility.

Get correctly diagnosed with our Spine Physiotherapist and get treated with precised Physical Intervention without any Complication.

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