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Consultation & treatment by our expert consultant physiotherapist.

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Completely Secured & Confidential

Patient details are collected purely for the diagnosis of condition and for quality purposes.

Trusted & Experienced Physiotherapist

For quick and correct diagnosis of physical condition thereby providing best protocol which can be performed easily at home.

Follow-Up & Supervision

We provide exercise progression on regular period of time by our team to insure best result &  provide supervision on video .

Convenient & Safe

During lock down, online physiotherapy consultation is best way to to get treated by consulting best physiotherapist.

Online Physiotherapy Services

Video Consultation

₹ 449 /- 


Senior Physiotherapist

Session Duration

25 – 30 min | 1 Session

Prescription & Treatment

On video Call & Video Files.

Online Package

₹ 1999 /- 


Senior Physiotherapist

Session Duration

25 – 30 min | 5 – Sessions

Prescription & Treatment

On video Call & Video Files.

For Payment:

Call: 8080105108

Top Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy for back pain

Physiotherapy for neck pain

Physiotherapy for knee pain

Physiotherapy for frozen shoulder

Physiotherapy for groin pain

Physiotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis

Physiotherapy for osteoarthritis

Physiotherapy for facial palsy

Physiotherapy for Bell’s Palsy

Physiotherapy for paralysis

Physiotherapy for parkinson’s disease

Physiotherapy for tennis elbow

Physiotherapy for spastic muscle

FAQ – People also ask

How can I consult physiotherapist online at home?

Call us on 8080 105 108 to book appointment for online consultation with Dr. Subodh Mahato. He is the best senior physiotherapy consultatant in PHSIO X10.

What is cost forIt online physiotherapy consultation?

Cost for online consultation is ₹400 per session. Charges may vary based.

Can I visit physiotherapist at clinic after online consultation?

Yes, you can visit consultant physiotherapist at clinic. Check availability of physiotherapist by calling 8080 105 108.

How can I get more information on online physiotherapy consultation?

Call us on 8080 105 108 for more information on online physiotherapy consultation or treatment procedures.

Can I consult on Whatsapp video call?

Yes, you can consult on Whatsapp video call. We use other platform too as per convenience.

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