Improve Your Movement System

What is Bio-Mechanical Engineering?

Body is made up of various systems which functions in coordination to maintain healthiness.

Among these systems, musculo-skeletal system gets directly affected by the external forces leading to pain and movement disorders.

Presently, the internal mechanical forces are compromised due to modernization and sedentary life style. Later, this altered mechanical force alters the function of organs thereby leading to various diseases.

Bio Mechanical Engineering is the technique to restore, maintain and enhance the internal mechanical force that counteracts an impact of external mechanical force from day-to-day activities. It is provided in the form of exercises based on the individual’s need and body condition.

How it is different?

People now a days have moved to smart environment where everything is smarter, easier and faster than before. Scientist have invented various machine to make life and process very easy. Doctors have been working hard to increase life span.

And now due to machine outside, this generation have minimized the usage of machine which is inside the body, also called as organ system.  Hence, normal functionality of human being have changed drastically which is also changing the structural properties.

Bio Mechanical Engineering is the fundamental physiotherapy technique which helps in correction at the structural level. It focuses on direction, speed and base of the movement.

Basically, treating the cause rather than treating symptoms.

Bio Mechanical Engineering is the main objective of PHYSIO X10.