Our Story

PHYSIO X10 was just a concept of “speedy recovery and sustainable physical well being till mid- 2015.

Though Physiotherapy practices was there in India since long time, the quality and deliverance was at minimal extent.

But comparatively, the requirement of physiotherapy was increasing day by day. Because the world was heading towards the modernization and the physical well-being was degrading.

People started focusing towards intellectual activities than the physical activities hence leading to many physical problems. And this physical problems later started as one of the major cause behind increasing systemic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc.

At the same time, the concept of physiotherapy nearby or at the home started. But it was being delivered at high cost.

That is where, the concept of PHYSIO X10  came into reality by end of 2015. We strive to provide best quality of physiotherapy at reasonable cost  through Bio-Mechanical Engineering which is 10 times better and long lasting.  Thereby extending your physical health and adding years to your life.