Is Physiotherapy Painful?

Pain gives knowledge about abnormal functioning within a body. There are two types of pain, bad pain & good pain. A journey from normal to abnormal consist of bad pain. Hence, going back may produce some discomfort or pain which is nothing but good pain.

But our ultimate aim is to provide you with painless movement and treat the root cause.

Can I do Exercises Myself?

Yes, you can, but how much resistance will weak muscles offer; how much effectively one can isolate the body part or other tricky movements.

Physiotherapist help in assisting the desired movement and resisting the tricky. And, plan customized exercises according to the need of the body. Hence, practice initially under supervision for the speedy recovery. Later, same exercises can be performed at home with follow up after given duration to check the efficacy of exercises.

Do I Need Reference From Physician To Consult Physio?

Not necessarily required.

One can approach Physiotherapist directly with their physiotherapy related health issues.

If its required, we ask our patient to consult the respective doctor for medication or other management.

Do Physiotherapist Prescribe Medicine?

We strictly don’t prescribe or suggest any medicines. What we prescribe is called Exercise medicine.

And we physiotherapist feel proud for our way of treatment since exercises and other physical means itself helps patient condition to improve better and faster.

How will Similar Exercises Help My Condition?

Though exercise looks similar Frequency, Intensity, Duration, Type & Pattern always differ.

Can I Request Scan/Reports From Physiotherapist?

In 95% of cases a physiotherapist will be able to diagnose without the need of a scan and if we need, we can request one.

How Is Physiotherapy Better Than Rest?

Yes, Rest For some extent after injury is needed. But after some point, it creates many complications like; muscle weakness, joint stiffness, altered proprioception, etc which can be prevented by physiotherapy.

Even before/after any surgery, physiotherapy is must then rest.

Is Physiotherapy Long Term Therapy?

Not always. It depends on the severity of the conditions as well as protocols.

Physiotherapist Are Not The

Patient suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis since 10 years can spare at least 20 sessions.

Is Physiotherapy Better Than Surgery?

Surgery should be the last option and planned when without it; the condition can worsen and can cause further medical issues/complications.

But in conditions like Knee Osteoarthritis, Cervical Spondylitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Flat foot, IVDP and many others, Physiotherapy have succeeded over Surgery.

Is Physiotherapy Scientifically Proven?

Thousands of researches are happening to enhance the practice and to promote the healthy living.

Millions of articles are already available.

Is Physiotherapy Expensive?

Though some cases go lengthy and expensive, still it is the best and cost effective way than going for surgery.

Most of the physiotherapist practices under some orthopedics or other specialists due to which physiotherapist are bound to depend on their lines of treatment.

Is Physiotherapist Like Massage / Fitness Trainer?

It is all based on person’s understanding about the profession and their importance. Physiotherapist holds a Professional Degree.Therapeutic Massage, Muscle Toning, Aquatic therapy, etc are just a small component of the physical intervention.

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