Fact That You Don’t Know About Slip Disc…

If you wonder why your slip disc is not getting resolved then first thing you should know is, slip disc is not a problem. Slip disc is just a condition resulting from other physical issues like muscular weakness, stiffness, wrong posture, overweight, obesity, etc. In coming days, the percentage will rise significantly due to drastic change in the life style and diet pattern.

Disc or spinal disc is a balloon like structure between spine (vertebrae) which helps in shock absorption and helps to maintain the right gap for nerve root. Spinal muscles plays major role to align spine in correct position during movement and various activities. Hence, the changes in the functions of these muscles leads to altered loading on spine which results the disc to slip from its normal position. Slip disc is also known as disc bulge. Severity level of bulge can range from a mild protrusion to severe extrusion which can involve nerve roots together.

That is why the treatment should be focused on correction of changes that happened in function of muscles. After the complete assessment of the abnormal forces, physiotherapist designs the best physiotherapy techniques to neutralize loading and realign spine in its position thereby relieving the altered loading on disc.

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