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Wrist Pain: Fact You Should Know

Wrist movement plays the major role in day to day life. Hence pain in the wrist joint can impact a daily activities. That’s the reason its very important for you to know the conditions and prevention of wrist pain. Wrist joint is made up of various small joints between hand and forearm. Sudden jerk or […]

5 Strengthening Exercises To Prevent Ankle Sprain

Let us understand what sprain means. Sprain refers to the ligament injury. Ligaments are the structures that help to hold your bones together. When you are performing movement like rolling, twisting or turning and your muscles around the ankle are not strong enough to take the load it will leads to ligament injury. Since the […]

Fact That You Don’t Know About Slip Disc…

If you wonder why your slip disc is not getting resolved then first thing you should know is, slip disc is not a problem. Slip disc is just a condition resulting from other physical issues like muscular weakness, stiffness, wrong posture, overweight, obesity, etc. In coming days, the percentage will rise significantly due to drastic […]

Misdiagnosis Vs Missed Diagnosis

Lower Back Pain is a complex musculo-skeletal disorder. Slip Disc is just a myth, as a single cause behind lower back pain. Over weight is add on for the causes of pain. During the diagnosis of lower back pain, usually doctor miss the Sacro-Iliac Joint dysfunction which  which arises due to altered hip-knee muscle functioning […]